Self Publishing for Authors

Publish your book in your own style through us and start selling eCopies to a greater crowd across the globe.

We specialize in publishing of eBooks on Fiction, Non-Fiction, Academic and Poetry books in English, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. And we serve you for sale through major online book stores - Amazon, Flipkart, infibeam, INGRAM, kobo, eBay, Google Play and many more.

We convert your content to SMART CONTENT. And smart content is PROFITABLE CONTENT. By developing a lucrative, overarching content strategy, we turn flat, static content into smart content: digital information that can be mined, multi-purposed, and monetized.

Sell Your Books With ucanauthor
Sell Your Books With ucanauthor
Sell Your Books With ucanauthor

What You'll Gain

You work with the Industry Experts directly
Publishing a book is not a lone journey. It requires a team-effort. Our team of publishing experts work with you during the entire editing, design and production of your book helping you make decisions and giving you valuable inputs.
You sell your books competitively
Although your book need not be priced low to sell a lot of copies, most self-published books die because they are priced ridiculously high. With us, you enjoy the best rates in the industry which in turn results in a lower price for your readers.
You interact with a greater crowd in all format
In order to sell more copies, you need to make your book available all over the world in multiple electronic formats. Your books are sold in all major retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, infibeam, INGRAM, kobo, eBay, Google Play and many more.
You track your sales and royalty earnings
Our transparent sales reporting system enables you to track your book sales and gives you a real-time indication of your sales numbers and royalty earnings.

How to Self Publish? It's Simple!

Step 1

step 1

Talk to our publishing consultant and submit a chapter from your book for a language review. You will usually receive the feedback within 24 hours of submission.

Step 2

step 2

Once your manuscript is approved, you can choose one of our publishing packages that suits your budgets and sale strategy. You can take help from our publishing consultants to customize your publishing package to better suit your needs.

Step 3


Your dedicated project manager then takes over your publishing process to help you work with our editors, designers and pricing experts to publish a book as per the chosen package.

Step 4

step 4

After your book is ready, our distribution team takes over to ensure the world-wide availability of your eBook & POD (print-on-demand) across online book stores.

Step 5

step 5

Our author support team then helps you keep track of book sales and makes sure you receive royalty on time.

Who we are?

We are strategically located in Eastern Zone of India, a Low Cost Knowledge Hub with abundance of trained resources for Content & Publishing Solutions.

With a Robust Business Continuity Plan and Clear Focus on Quality Perspective, Learning Spiral is confident to evolve as a Trusted Value Partner to you.

Content. Whatever your business, whatever form your content takes, whether it's your company's primary revenue source, a training instrument, or the backbone of your back-office operations. Whether you publish it, mine it, use it to teach, to lawyer, or to comply with federal regulations-or you need customer services to support its distribution and use. We here, are the best team to understand your content.

The word Learning Spiral conjures a picture of completeness and represents 'Entire, Complete and e2e Services'. Our market-focused approach helps us leverage our core strengths and new capabilities that we have acquired through our hugely experienced members. This enables us to draw-up a future plan to become a 1-Stop Solutions Center for our clients for all their Content Services' Needs.

With an energetic team and approach for a rainbow of e2e DigiContent and Publishing Services, Learning Spiral strives forward to its clients for both full and customised service. From Content Conversion & Design to Digital Platforms – our team offer its proven capabilities for all possible content requirements in the Higher-Ed and STM Space. Learning Spiral brings to you the right mix of technology expertise and energy to meet the rapidly changing learning habits.


We design, capture, convert, and enrich it. We repurpose it, manage it, and make it discoverable. We build and support the technology and workflows that move your content across your entire organization and to market quickly and effectively. And we provide business solutions to support your entire content operation.

We are Learning Spiral. Your 1-Stop-Shop for e2e DigiContent Solutions. And we proudly announce our new venture for a kickstart with self publishing tool "uCanAuthor".



Option 1

The best things ever!

Option 2

Everything you need

Option 3

A lot of goodness

Option 4

Only the basics
Book Specifications Paperback Availability
Hardcase Availability
Interior B/W or Full Color B/W or Full Color B/W B/W
Cover Full Color Full Color Full Color Full Color
ISBN & Copyright ISBN Allocation
Copyright Registration
Editing Copy Editing Add-on at 50% discount Add-on Add-on
Substantive Editing Add-on Add-on Add-on Add-on
Project Management Dedicated Project Manager
Guided Project Planning
Book Design Cover Design Premium Premium Premium Premium
Interior Design Premium Premium Premium Premium
Printing Digital Proof
Inventory Management Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Author Copies 30 B/W copies or 5 Color copies 20 B/W copies or 5 Color copies 10 5
Additional Author Copies Order at Printing Cost Order at Printing Cost Order at Printing Cost Order at Printing Cost
eBook Distribution eBook on Amazon
eBook Extended Distribution
Print Distribution India Online Distribution
International Online Distribution
Ingram Distribution
Bookstore Distribution Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification
Complimentary Marketing Tools Author Portfolio Page
Dedicated Book Page
Book Preview
Promo Manager
Book Marketing Book Publicity Plan
Book Video Trailer
Sent for Newspaper Review 5 National Newspapers
Newspaper Author Interview Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification Add-on, upon qualification
Sales Report & Profit Online Sales Dashboard
Author Profit Share 70% 70% 70% 70%
Support Post-Publishing Support

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